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Your Private Selling Options


You can instantly list your home for FREE on the List4Free marketplace with 4 images, description and simple marketplace features, or you can upgrade to a premium listing for $11.99 p/month for unlimited images, video, virtual reality and advanced marketplace features. Premium market place features also allows you to instantly check if there is any registered buyers for your property. The 'Instant offer' facility is standard.

•The owner completes all sale tasks •Owner supplies contract of sale •The owner negotiates the contract of sale •Purchase List4Free signage •All viewings are held by the owner •Home Opens are held by the owner •Final inspection conducted by the owner •All disclosures supplied by the owner

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plus Agent Services

Sell privately plus at any time you request quotes for any of the Agent Services you might need, but only if and when you need them. A great way to save whilst still having the confidence of knowing that they are utilising a experienced local agent should you have any problems.

The Agent Services you can request include: •Request a Local Agent Phone Chat • Request a Free Market Appraisal •List on other popuar property sites including and •Hire an experienced Home Opener •Hire an experienced Contract Negotiator •Provide the Contract Of Sale •Prepare my online marketing •Hire an Auctioneer •Request an Agent Assisted Sale •Request a Full Service Sale •Request a Full Service Auction Sale

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Your Agent Selling Options

Agent Assisted

Simply add your property details to List4Free, then request quotes to sell using an Agent Assisted Service from the local Agents of your choice or you can request help to select a suitable Agent with the assistance from the helpful staff at List4Free. If you are happy with the services and fees offered, you can accept a quote with a click of the mouse and transfer your property directly to the Agent for action.‚Äč

•Owner conducts the home opens •The owner conducts all viewings and appointments •You do final inspection •Owner follows up all sales leads •Agent supplies the signage •Agent prepares online advertising •Agent supplies all printed material and brochures •Agent supplies contract of sale •Agent negotiates the contract of sale •Agent ensures all contractual items are completed •Agent key hand over

Invite Agents


Full Agent

Simply add your property details to List4Free, then request quotes to sell using a Full Service Sale from the local Agents of your choice, or you can request help to select a suitable Agent with the assistance from the helpful staff at List4Free. If you are happy with the services and fees offered, you can accept a quote with a click of the mouse and transfer your property directly to the Agent for action.

•Agent conducts the home opens •Agent conducts all the viewings and appointments •Agent conducts the final inspection •Agent follows up all sales leads •Agent supplies signage • Agent prepares all online advertising •Agent supplies all printed material and brochures •Agent Supplies contract of sale •Agent negotiates contract of sale •Agent ensures all contractual items are completed •Agent key handover

Invite Agents


Request A FREE Appraisal

By utilising the List4Free platform, sellers can select the local real estate agents they wish to invite to the property for a FREE appraisal. This will provide you with marketing guidance, selling tips and a 'suggested' listing price. A suggested listing price is based on the location of the property, the building structure and its condition, any building structural issues, features of the home, encumbrances on the property, council zoning and recent comparable sales. When fully informed, sellers can then choose to sell privately, sell privately with help from an agent or solely use the services of an agent.

Free Appraisal

Registered Valuation. If you require a 'true property value' for a formal court proceedings or the like, we suggest requesting a registered valuation to be conducted by a registered valuation company.

Find the perfect agent

Let us suggest 3 perfect local agents to help you move

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Help Me Select

List4Free Service Suppliers

Do you need help to prepare your property for Sale?
You can access all the help you need from our List4Free property service suppliers. Anything property, List4Free has it covered.

Lets face it, properties are never sale ready without a whole heap of time and effort. If you are time poor, live at a distance or just need some help, a List4Free Property Service Supplier can help you at a great price.

It's all about ease and convenience. Let List4Free take the stress out of preparing your home for sale, and it's all available from the one central location, with a few clicks of the mouse.

If you don't see a supplier, contact us and we can arrange one for you.


Home Staging and Photography

Display your property like a professional to sell faster and for a higher price. You can choose to use as many services as you wish, or none at all. It is entirely up to you and your budget.
When exceptional presentation, home staging, quality photography, virtual reality and video are combined with powerful selling tools and the exceptional property display on List4Free, you are almost guaranteed to be a sales success.

The cost to present your home at its best, is often far outweighed by the speed of sale and the large increase in actual sale price. A dull unattractive property, will often take months to sell. A vibrant, new to market property will have a higher demand and will nearly always sell for more. Plus the added bonus of saving months of extra mortgage payments.

All services are available through the List4Free supplier network at a great price and with just a few clicks of a mouse.

List4Free Signage

If you need a For Sale signboard and or home open pointer signs, we send our sign packs anywhere in Australia at an unbeatable price with same day dispatch. Or you can order large format picture sign from a local List4Free property service supplier.

Our For Sale signboards are 900mm x 600mm, are fitted with corner eyelets and are printed both sides for easy installation.

List4Free offers various packages containing both For sale Signs and Home Open Pointer signs for easy purchase. If you don't see a pack that suits you then contact us and we can Mix and match to suit you.

$75.00* 'Make an Instant Offer Signboard' 900mm x 600mm
$109.00 Sign plus 2 open today pointer signs and 2 ground spikes.
$149.00 Sign plus 4 open today pointer signs and 4 ground spikes.
$85.00* 2 x 'Open Today' pointer signs and 2 ground spikes.
$119.00* 4 x 'Open Today' pointer signs and 4 ground spikes.
*includes GST and Postage Australia Wide

If you don't see a local supplier, contact us and we can arrange a local sign supplier for you.

Showcase a property like a professional and add value


Exceptional Display

Modern Technology has forever changed the way real estate will be bought and sold in Australia. Buyers expect more from a property display. More disclosure, more access, better images, virtual reality and total online buying convenience. List4Free has delivered in a simple to use, advertisement free, uncluttered platform.

Why pay hundreds of dollars extra to display photographs the size they need to be. List4Free features an auto scroll wide screen carousel of unlimited images, that can display JPeg, 180° panorama, 360° photoshpere images, plus Youtube video and 3D Virtual reality. Display your property off the floorplan . Click the images to expand to a larger 4x3 format. Property descriptions are rich text and allow full disclosure.  

The cost of advertising property is out of control. 
Not with List4Free. Display your property how it should be, irrespective of your budget constraints. Start selling today. 

Media formats supported


Showcase in Virtual Reality

Not limited to just local buyers
Be the inspiring attraction agent
Home is Open 24hours / 7days
Highly cost effective advertising


'Room By Room'

'Room by Room', is what we have called our interactive floor plan that can showcase a property like no other real estate site. Display multiple Jpeg, 180°, 270° or 360° Panoramic and 360° Photosphere images, 'Room by Room' with a features list or description in editable rich text format.

Many buyers cannot inspect multiple properties. Increase your chances of receiving an offer from not just local, but interstate and overseas buyers. Easily display all that the property has to offer with a portal built for the modern buyer. Create amazing 'Room By Room' floor plans by adding imagery to each room, together with a description and feature list.

Media formats supported

360° images are a great way to display the interaction between rooms

Unique Categories

'Tempt Me to Sell' and 'Coming Soon', plus all the normal sale categories you are used to, plus Leasing. For both residential and commercial properties, with other categories to be released soon.

Start advertising a property within minutes as 'Coming Soon', whilst you arrange all the imagery and disclosures.  Then you can change your selling category once ready. If you're not sure what the market will pay, the demand for your property type or maybe you will only sell for the right price. You can list without price as 'Temp Me To Sell'.
If you upgrade to a premium listing, in a few clicks of your mouse, you can contact all the registered buyers that are a fit for the property's features, perfect for that 'Off Market Sale'.

Drawcard and Area Searches

Our unique search feature is not based on budget, or the time on the market. Our search will deliver so much more, potentially putting an end to those expensive listing upgrades. 

List4Free allows every user to search for properties based on a Drawcard and or Area search, a Drawcard search and or Area plus suburb, or based on a suburb alone. Never pay the extraordinary listing placement fees again. If a user needs a home that is suitable for a wheel chair,  leave the suburb blank and List4Free will show the user every home listed that is suitable for the disabled. If the user also needs the property to cater for a caravan, List4Free can do that too.

Registered Buyers

Wouldn't it be benificial to know who is looking to buy or lease a particular style of property? Even better would be to access the buyers or tenants you haven't met yet. You can now.

Make List4Free your first port of call. When listing a property online, List4Free offers sellers the ability to see who has registered in each suburb and how many categories are matching. Inbox them and invite them to a pre-launch viewing. 
Reduce your days on market by having a ready set of buyers on hand prior to launch, and best of all, vastly reduce your advertising costs over that charged by other property sites.

Instant Offers

By supplying all disclosure and due diligence information to registered and verified buyers, an 'Instant Offer' can be made, negotiated and signed online with a few clicks of a mouse.

Imagine the time that can be saved by directing buyers to the List4Free web site to view property information like Survey Plans, Property Interest Reports, brochures, compliance certificates and the draft contract of sale.
Instantly submit, negotiate and sign a contract of sale. Receive instant notifications to your myList4Free inbox and email at every step of the transaction.

Selling a property has never been easier.


How does it work?

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1. Register your details to create your Free seller account

It's completely free to register an account and then validate your details. List4Free will always offer a completely free option for all private sellers and landlords.

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Choose service suppliers

2. If you need help for the preparation of your property

We have it covered. List4Free suppliers do just about everything property. From gardening, electrical compliance, to staging and photography. All at fantastic prices

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Choose How

3. Choose how you would like to sell from the 4 options

Sell Privately, Privately + Agent Services, with an Agent Assisted Sale or a Full Agent Service. You choose and can change how you sell at any time with a few clicks

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upload of properties

4. Upload the property, check buyer list and home opens

Choose a selling category and upload all your property details and images. Check the registered buyer list for the potential purchasers and post any home open times

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deal directly with the leads

5. Respond to instant offers sent to your inbox and email

You can invite agents to shop potential buyer through the property. Receive and respond directly to users instant offers from your myList4free inbox and email.

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List4Free Moving House

6. Request  settlement agent and moving house quotes

Do you know a great settlement agent or lawyer at an even better price? We do. You'll find plenty of them in our supplier section and also careful moving companies to get you where you want to be. List4Free covers everything property.


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