Request A FREE Appraisal

By utilising the List4Free platform, sellers can select the local agents they wish to invite to the property for a FREE appraisal.
This will provide you with marketing guidance, selling tips and a 'suggested' listing price. This price is based on the location, the building structure and its condition, any building structural issues, features of the home, any encumbrances on the property, council zoning and recent comparable sales.
When fully informed, sellers can then choose to sell privately, sell privately with help from an agent or solely use the services of an agent.

Free Appraisal

Registered Valuation. If you require a 'true property value' for formal court proceedings or the like, we suggest requesting a registered valuation to be conducted by a registered valuation company.

Benefits of using a List4Free Agent

List4Free agents have access to premium selling tools that will not only enhance your property, but will help it sell faster and for the best price

 'Room by Room' - see loads of extra detail with our unique interactive floorplan display
• Virtual Home Opens - with a 3d property tour buyers can view your home open 24/7
• 'Instant offer' - agents will have more time to focus on selling with our unique 'Instant Offer' 


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Agent Assisted Options

Discover how partnering with an agent can save you thousands of dollars in commission
If you are interested in selling privately but would prefer to know that an agent is with you to support and guide you throught the maze of selling, then an Agent Assisted Sale would be perfect for you.
Request quotes to sell using an 'Agent Assisted Service' from local agents. This will give you the option of slashing your selling fees by half.


Tick Greater flexibilty with agent services

Tick Work with your agent to save money

Tick Backed by agent support and guidance

Tick Save thousands of dollars in commission

Traditional Selling Options

If you are looking for an agent to handle the entire sale of your property then simply add your property to List4Free, then request quotes to sell using a Full Service Sale.
From the the agents we recommend to you, connect and choose the best agents to give you appraisals.
If you are happy with the services and fees offered, you can accept a quote with a click of the mouse and transfer your property directly to the agent for action.

Tick List your property with an agent

Tick Peace of mind a professional is handling the sale

Tick Utilise the List4Free portal and save time and money

Tick Compare agents to find the best fit for you

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How does it work?

Follow the simple steps to create your FREE account and start selling a property today.

Create your free account

1. Register your details to create your seller account

It's completely FREE to register an account and validate your details. List4Free will always offer a completely free option for all users.

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Choose service suppliers

2. If you need help for the preparation of your property

We have it covered. List4Free suppliers do just about everything property. From gardening, electrical compliance, to staging and photography. All at fantastic prices

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Choose How

3. Choose how you would like to sell from the 4 options

1) Sell Privately 2) Privately + Agent Services 3) Agent Assisted Sale 4) Traditional Agent Sale. You choose and can change how you sell at any time with a few clicks

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upload of properties

4. Upload the property, check buyer list and home opens

Choose a selling category and upload all your property details and images. Check the registered buyer list for the potential purchasers and post home open times

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deal directly with the leads

5. Respond to instant offers sent to your inbox and email

You can invite agents to shop potential buyers through the property. Receive and respond directly to instant offers and messages from your account and email.

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List4Free Moving House

6. Request  settlement agent and moving house quotes

Do you know a great settlement agent or lawyer at an even better price? We do. You'll find plenty of them in our supplier section and also careful moving companies to get you where you want to be. List4Free covers everything property.


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