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List4Free offers a unique place to find property as it's home to properties that may not be listed elsewhere. Because our listings include private sellers, smaller agencies as well as bigger agencies List4Free should be your first port of call when buying a new place.

Discover our huge selection of apartments and houses for sale, many of which you won't find anywhere else online.

At List4Free we recognise that buying a property can be a truly overwhelming experience.

That's why we have made it easy for you to get access to all of the services you will need for every step in the process. From mortgage brokers, buyers agents to conveyances - List4Free is Australia's only real estate marketplace.

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Create a free property alert with List4Free to receive instant email alerts every time a new property matching your criteria is added to our site.

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'Off Market' Buying

Be notified about properties that aren't on the market.

By registering as a buyer, you gain access to our 'Off-Market' transactions. Be ahead of the game and view the properties that can be purchased but aren't officially on the market yet.

List4Free allows Sellers and Agents to test the market by adding a property to the List4Free platform and data matching the property features to our registered Buyers. Be contacted through your myList4Free inbox when matching properties become available and never miss out on your dream home.

Don't say,'I never knew it was for sale', say 'I already knew about that one'.
List4Free Potential Buyer List

Unique Categories

Allows for properties that are not seen elsewhere

List4Free utilises unique selling categories that are not seen on other property sites and allows for properties to be listed as 'Coming Soon'and 'Tempt Me To Sell'.

Wouldn't it be great to know that a home is 'Coming Soon' to market before you commit to that other home. Maybe you could arrange a sneak peek before the owner expends further advertising costs or just be the first to view when it's available. Sellers just having thoughts about selling or will sell for the right price, can easily list a 'Tempt Me To Sell' property.

Know all your options before buying. Make List4Free your new place to start searching
Unique Listing Categories
Lit4Free Drawcard and The Area Search

'Drawcard' and 'Area'

Our unique search is not based on a Seller's budget

Our search can deliver so much more. List4Free allows every user to search for properties based on a Drawcard feature and or features of the Area, a Drawcard search and or Area plus suburb, or search just based on a suburb alone. List4Free is the only property site that filters property selections this way.

If a user needs a property that is suitable, for as an example, a wheel chair, just leave the suburb blank and List4Free will show the user every property listed that would be suitable for the disabled. If the user also needs the property to cater for a caravan, just change the filter and List4Free can do that too.

Full Disclosure and Instant Offers

Each listing can display all disclosure and due diligence information, if uploaded by the Seller or Agent.

You must be registered as a Buyer to see this sensitive property information.

When registered, you will also have the ability to make an 'Instant Offer' to purchase a property. This Instant Offer can be negotiated, accepted and signed through the platform with a few clicks of a mouse. If you are not tech savvy, this can also be done in a face to Face meeting with the Seller or Agent.

Imagine the time that could be saved by viewing all the property information like Survey Plans, Property Interest Reports, brochures, compliance certificates and a Draft Contract of Sale.

List4Free Full Disclosure and Instant Offers

Appoint An Agent To Help

Buying a property can be a confusing but doesn't have to be

List4Free have focused on making a platform with lots of inbuilt help. A platform that is simple but is even easier to use, especially for those first time buyers.

We also understand that some users may need a face to face interaction with the help they need. It's easy to contact the seller, the agent or employ an agent to help with the process.

Agents that are paid by the seller are obliged to negotiate the selling price as high as possible, but an agent employed by you could save you thousands for a nominal cost.

You can employ an agent to negotiate the best possible price

Widescreen Display

Buyers expect more from a property display

List4Free have delivered. You don't want to see a display littered with advertising and has so much clutter, it's confusing. Our display is clean, interactive and only shows you the information you want to see.

List4Free utilises an auto scroll, wide screen carousel of unlimited images that can display JPeg, 180° panorama, 360° photosphere images, plus Youtube video and 3D Virtual reality. Property descriptions are rich text. A property can be displayed how it should be, irrespective of the sellers budget. Click to expand any image to a larger 4x3 format.

List4Free Widescreen Display

Media formats supported

List4Free Jpeg Icon List4Free Panorama IconList4Free VR IconList4Free Video Icon List4Free 360° Image

View in Virtual Reality

Not limited to just local buyers
Be the inspiring attraction agent
Home is Open 24 hours / 7days
Highly cost effective advertising


'Room By Room'

'Room by Room', is what we have called our interactive floor plan that can showcase a property like no other industry site.
The platform displays multiple Jpeg, 180°, 270° or 360° Panoramic and 360° Photosphere images, 'Room by Room' with a features list or description in editable rich text format.

We understand that Buyers aren't just from the local area and even when buyers are local, they still cannot inspect a property due to time constraints.

If Seller's and Agents use the full functionality of the platform, buyers may not need to physically inspect the property.


List4Free Room By Room Floorplan
Media formats supported
 List4Free Floorplan Icon List4Free Jpeg Icon List4Free Panorama Icon List4Free 360° Image Icon
360° images are a great way to experience the interaction between rooms

Better Value With List4Free

Property advertising costs are unjustified

Other property sites have huge advertising costs, which are inevitably passed directly onto the Buyer, with a higher property price. That is true, unless they are a List4Free Seller. Our Sellers can utilise List4Free completely free or up to a maximum cost of $11.99 per month, so they don't need to pass on any exorbitant advertising costs.

The same sites also charge Agents thousands just to have an account each month, plus a further charge to advertise each property. A List4Free Agent doesn't need to charge Sellers these fees and that means a better value property for you.

List4Free is Great Value

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